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The karate booklet consists of 40 pages and contains high quality illustrations from the book "The Karate Essence - the manual", which make the techniques easier to understand and thus optimally support your own training.

The booklet is divided into the following four parts:

  • Karate - the introduction
  • Techniques
  • Karate in everyday life
  • the mental attitude

This covers most of the knowledge that is essential especially at the beginning of the karate path and promotes the personal development of each karateka.


  • What is Karate?
  • Karate is healthy
  • Karate against violence
  • What Karate teaches
  • Tsuki - The fist technique
  • Seiken - front of the fist
  • Shutō - outer hand edge (sword hand)
  • Nukite - fingertips
  • Koshi - ball of the foot
  • Sokutō/Teisoku - outer edge of the foot
  • Musubi dachi
  • Hachi ji dachi
  • Zenkutsu dachi
  • Kōkutsudachi
  • Kiba dachi
  • Seiken choku zuki
  • Oi zuki
  • Gyaku zuki
  • Age uke
  • Soto uke
  • Shutōuke
  • Gedan barai
  • Uchi uke
  • Mae geri keage
  • Yoko geri keage
  • Yoko geri kekomi
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Discipline
  • Courtesy and respect
  • Details make the difference
  • The energy of the opponent
  • Energy forms
  • Asking questions and listening
  • The value of bad experiences
  • The avoided fight
  • My notes

    Additional information

    Benefits for your karate school:

    • Generatesmore attention in a sympathetic way for your karate school or club.
    • Increase the number of members of your karate school by creating and increasing interest in karate with the help of the booklet.
    • Use the booklet as a promotional gift for karate interested people.
    • Use the booklet as a gift for already existing, loyal members.
    • Included in every booklet*: Your logo and address.
    • Pages individually adaptable*: Many design options, tailored to your wishes and needs.
    • Handy format in DIN-A5 as a practical training companion.

    *from the starter package.

    Our mission

    More attention for karate.

    The booklet is a creative advertising measure to increase the number of members of your karate school or club.

    Through a simple structure, helpful illustrations and easy to understand content, the interest in karate will not only be aroused, but also deepened. All those interested in Karate and Karateka - no matter if beginner or advanced - will get a lot of practical information, which they can always look up before, after and also during the training.

    We are happy if we can inspire others for karate and its philosophy, because we experience the resulting benefits ourselves every day. If as many people as possible discover karate for themselves and their quality of life is sustainably improved as a result, we will have achieved our goal.

    Product details

    Author: Fiore Tartaglia
    Publisher: Spectra Design & Verlag
    Format: DIN A5
    Material: Paperback, 250g, dispersion varnish
    Volume: 40 pages
    Item number: PPEMU10