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The book is ideal for ...
all karateka who want to achieve in a structured and systematic way a profound development of their own karate in all aspects.


What is the essence of Karate? This manual is about getting to know and deepening exactly that, as well as getting impulses for techniques and training content. In addition, the teaching of karate istreated beyond the Dōjō, because its philosophy, principles and values form the foundation for one's own personal development. This allows each karateka to develop beyond the technique and thus meet everyday situations and challenges in life differently.


Part 1: Karate in the Dōjō.
Demonstrating a detailed approach, focusing on the karate principles, to internalize the technical content. Once these are mastered, understanding of the more complex techniques is established. These are deliberately not explained in detail here, but are only mentioned pictorially and textually.

Part 2: Karate in everyday life
The transfer of the karate concept and the attitude gained in the Dōjō into everyday life. This deals with principled views and their possible interpretations, as well as extensions that depend on the individual karateka and can be formed by means of a change of perspective.

Part 3: The Spiritual Teaching
The mental attitude of each person who chooses karate is influenced over time by the spiritual teaching in karate. The impulses described here that result from the teachings are intended to enrich the karateka on his individual karate path.

This three-part structure of the book, offers the reader:inside a guide to fully understand and internalize the essence of karate. A companion that helps all karateka with higher demands and expectations of themselves to meet and just where the karate represents the link between Dōjō and everyday life.


From the foreword by Dr. med. Jörg-Peter Schröder - physician, leadership coach and burnout expert:

"The very detailed description of the basic karate techniques quickly make it clear that this book has the potential to become a standard work for karateka. Technically excellent, brilliant in precision and execution, and well researched. Very precisely Fiore Tartaglia goes into the techniques and their precise execution. Each drawing is hand painted and therefore truly unique. They express the precision, but also power and dynamics and clarify the techniques and movement sequences.

Fiore is not only concerned with the sporting aspect of the martial art of karate, but also with the mental attitude in the martial art. Especially in an increasingly complex and stressful time, karate training becomes a real source of energy through intensive occupation.

For me personally, this karate book is more than just a technical standard work for karateka. It is much more profound."

Book Presentation

"This book contains over 45 years of karate knowledge, experience and practice, making it my most valuable work to date."
-Fiore Tartaglia-

Product details

Author: Fiore Tartaglia
Publisher: Spectra Design & Verlag
Size: 304 pages
Publication date: 1st edition; July 2019
Format: 17 x 24 cm
Cover: Refined Paperback
ISBN: 978-3-94558-399-9
Item number: DKE99
Additional information: 386 drawings. Cover with fold-in flaps and partial varnishing. Thread-stitching. Clear presentation thanks to continuous color design.


Fiore Tartaglia (6th Dan) describes his new book in an interview with the Südwestpresse as "my most valuable work". In it he has summarized 45 years of experience in karate, which explains the title: "The Karate Essence".

Born in 1958, he began karate at the age of 16. At the age of 22 he moved from Naples to Göppingen in Baden-Württemberg. Since then he has worked in the district as a graphic designer and photographer, and is one of the two directors of the KarateDojo Taikikan. In his Spectra publishing house he has already published many karate books. Legendary are the black kata and bunkai books, which clarify movement sequences in detail and comprehensibly through the meticulous drawings.

The main part of the book is the first chapter "Karate in the Dojo". In it, Tartaglia describes basic principles of karate and introduces the karate techniques, waza. Which part of the body is used in the martial art, stances, defensive, hand and foot techniques, in short, the basics are described. And this in concise and clear texts, with the detailed drawings of the gifted graphic artist Tartaglia contribute immensely to the clarification. Years of karate experience and a profound understanding of the martial art allow the author to give his reader precise instructions. Of course, the breathing, Hara, Kime and all the terms important in the Budo martial arts are also addressed.

In Part 2, there are tips on karate in everyday life, such as how politeness and respect also play a role outside the dojo, or how to adopt a back-friendly posture in the bathroom in the morning in order to march through the day more consciously. Part 3 is titled "The spiritual teachings" and highlights, among other things, the mental attitude, energy forms and Zen. And then in the appendix there is a valuable dictionary with all the technical terms.

All in all, an excellent reference book has been created here, which accompanies every karateka in a practical and instructive way.immensely detailed, step-by-step techniques are described here so plausibly that the book will establish itself as a competent guide. For all who value precision as much as maturity of character.