🇩🇪 Table calendar | Kata of the month 2024

The table calendar is ideal for ...
all karateka who can enjoy a minimalist yet elegantly designed table calendar -at home or in the Dōjō- with detailed karate illustrations. Perfect to practice the kata - month by month in 2024 regularly without losing track.


Each monthly page features a detailed karate illustration including the names of the techniques, showing a dynamic fight scene of two karateka. All 12 illustrations were created by author Fiore Tartaglia. For this, the first step was to photograph the karate techniques he personally performed and then, based on the photograph, the illustration was created by hand. Only in this way can important details of each technique and position be optimally represented.

In addition, the desk calendar provides a kata overview and thus serves as a training companion from month to month. With the help of the calendar, you can keep track of your kata training routine and reset your kata focus at any time. Definitely a good gift idea for kata fans and trainers.


  • In practical DIN A5 format
  • Detailed pencil illustr ations of dynamic fight scenes
  • Minimalist, elegant design: traditional and modern at the same time
  • Comes with a red pencil to check off the practiced kata per month

Additional information

The regular repetition and thus the constant practice of each Kata is essential, so that they are not forgotten or the techniques are refined. Often we tend to focus on our favorite Kata and the last learned Kata and neglect the other Kata, which are also important. The desk calendar ensures that you keep track of all kata in the future and that all kata receive attention and are practiced regularly.

Product details

Illustrations: Fiore Tartaglia
: Spectra Design & Publishing
Format: DIN A5 (21.0 x 14.8 cm)
Quality: 170g image paper
: 14 pages
Binding: spiral binding, white
Item number
: KKM23
: 116 grams