Change the rules - An invitation to self-reflection

Ändere die Regeln – Eine Einladung zur Selbstreflexion

Our daily decisions and actions are determined by our inner rules of behavior and values, often without us being aware of it. This article, inspired by the chapter "Change the rules" from the book "How do you know it's true?", invites us to question and actively change these unconscious patterns and at the same time shows the connection to karate teachings.

Change of perspective and values in karate
In karate, we learn that every technique and movement is guided by inner discipline and fixed principles. Similar to life, our priorities and values influence our behavior in the dojo. The main character "Ennio" in the aforementioned chapter of the book shows that a change of priorities can change our entire behavior. This flexibility and self-reflection are also crucial for growth and mastery in karate.

Experimenting with priorities
The chapter suggests an experiment: Consciously shift your priorities and observe the changes in your behavior and life. In karate, for example, we could shift our focus from physical strength to mental strength and observe how our practice and attitude change.

Personal development through karate
The core of the chapter emphasizes that external influences are present, but our own development and conscious choices are crucial to our happiness and success. These principles are reflected in karate, where we learn to find inner strength and balance despite external challenges.

"Change the Rules" is an invitation to self-reflection and actively shaping one's own life, a philosophy deeply rooted in karate teachings. The book "How do you know it's true?" offers numerous impulses for self-reflection and personal development, inspiring you to live more consciously and actively shape your own rules of conduct - just as is the case in karate.

If you are ready to take control of your life and break new ground, this book is a valuable resource that harmonizes with the wisdom and discipline of karate teachings.