Jion is a very representative kata of the Shōtōkan style. It includes some typical techniques that are also present in the Heian kata. The Yōi is done in Heisoku dachi, with the left hand wrapping the right fist. The top of the hands is at chin level.

The series of Teishō techniques provides the first two techniques as defense, the last is simultaneously defense and attack: one deflects a stick attack and brings the opponent off balance by the strong rotation of the hips.

The defensive techniques Jōdan morote uke in Heisoku dachi, to be effective, require a well synchronized body tension. Again, as with the Teishō techniques, the counter techniques are left to the practitioner, or the techniques executed can also be interpreted as counters.

The entire series that follows is a series of challenging techniques that, through intensive practice and the appropriate body control (the use of the hips is especially important), leads to powerful and harmonious movements.

For the series of Otoshi techniques, one lunges from very high up so that the defense can also simultaneously represent a fist strike on the attacker's forearm (Otoshi uchi). In addition, one attacks with fumikomi on the foot of the opponent. The otoshi uke is practiced differently: with or without a lunging motion.

In the tsukami yose at the end of the kata, the grappling movements are performed in a circle and horizontally in front of the upper body. Care should be taken to keep the elbow of the defending arm down, against the body.

Duration: about 70 seconds

Here you will find all information about the techniques in the video