Kata Beats | Digital-Version | by Udo Boppré

The kata beats are ideal for ...
Kata competitors: Thanks to the music, the individual kata athletes of a team can practice more intensively, independently of their group, their kata in the same rhythm.


Kata Beats is the first music ever composed to the rhythm of a Shōtōkan kata.

With the properly placed modern sounds and melodies that catch the ear, rhythmic focal points (kime points) as well as slow movements of a traditional Shōtōkan kata are emphasized. Thus, Kata Beats is a successful combination of karate and music.

Kata Beats brings variety into the daily training routine. Ideal for adults and children to learn the rhythm of a kata. In addition, a Kata performed with KataBeats enhances every presentation.


  • Music for the following Kata: Heian Shodan, Heian Nidan, Heian Sandan, Heian Yondan and Heian Godan
  • Each kata is divided into 3 subsequences with counts
  • Music for the whole Kata without counting
  • Extras on the DVD: Karateka such as Udo Boppré, Andreas Ginger, Fiore Tartaglia and Bernd Weinreich show the kata beats in "application
  • Behind the scenes: lots of bonus material e.g. "the shooting day"

Product details

Creator: Udo Boppré
GTIN: 615722379831
Item Number: KBUBD
Format: MP4 & MP3