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The booklet is ideal for ...
all children who are interested in karate, have just started or are already longer practicing karate kids.

The booklet packages

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  • Back side: Logo of your karate school or club + address and contact details.

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The karate booklet consists of 36 pages and contains high quality illustrations from the book "My first karate book", which make the techniques easier to understand. It is considered a valuable training companion, especially for children's karate beginners and provides an ideal introduction to the world of karate.


  • The characters Karate-Dō
  • I am proud to be a karateka
  • A little bit of history
  • Why is karate good for kids?
  • The rules of etiquette in the Dōjō
  • Tying the belt
  • My karate teacher
  • My karate friends
  • Counting in Japanese
  • The tools of karate
  • Zenkutsu dachi
  • Kōkutsudachi
  • Age uke
  • Soto uke
  • Gedan barai
  • Shutō uke
  • Oi zuki
  • Gyaku zuki
  • Mae geri
  • Yoko geri kekomi
  • Taikyoku shodan
  • Kihon gohon kumite
  • I am getting better at school
  • My notes

Additional information

Benefits for your karate school:

  • Generatesmore attention in a sympathetic way for your karate school or club.
  • Increase the number of members of your karate school by using the booklet to arouse and increase interest in children's karate.
  • Use the booklet as a promotional gift for children and young people interested in karate.
  • Use the booklet as a gift for already existing, loyal students.
  • Included in every booklet*: your logo and address.
  • Pages individually adaptable*: Many design options, tailored to your wishes and needs.
  • Handy format in DIN-A5 as a practical training companion.

*From top package / 250 pieces.

Our mission

More attention for karate.

The booklet is a creative advertising measure to increase the number of members of your karate school or club.

Through a simple structure, helpful illustrations and easy to understand content and texts, especially for children, the interest in karate is not only aroused, but also deepened. All children and teenagers interested in Karate, no matter if beginner or advanced, will get a lot of practical information, which they can look up again and again before, after and also during the training.

We are happy if we can inspire especially children for karate and its philosophy, because we experience the resulting benefits every day ourselves. If as many children as possible discover karate for themselves and they grow up with valuable and formative experiences, and if this results in an overall added value for their personal development, we will have achieved our goal.

Product details

Author: Fiore Tartaglia
Publisher: Spectra Design & Publishing 
Format: DIN A5
Material: Paperback, 250g, dispersion varnish
Volume: 36 pages
GTIN: 615722379848
Item number: PPK10EN
Language: English