🇮🇹 eBook | Bunkai of the Shōtōkan-Kata up to black belt | Volume 3

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all karateka as a reference and training companion to develop a comprehensive understanding of the Shōtōkan-Kata up to black belt in the area of bunkai.


Bunkai - the analysis and understanding of a technique or kata - is an important part of karate. The kata applications presented in this book are possible defensive solutions that are intended to confirm and, more importantly, supplement the reader's existing knowledge - another way to interpret the kata. The karateka who wishes to deepen his learning and experience will find here an enrichment on the subject of bunkai. This book includes the final positions of the techniques, without intermediate movements with the intention of focusing the subject on the bunkai applications. The kata with all relevant details can be found in Volume 1 and Volume 2.


  • Kata and Bunkai
  • Heian shodan
  • Heian nidan
  • Heian sandan
  • Heian yondan
  • Heian godan
  • Tekki shodan
  • Bassai dai
  • Empi
  • Jion
  • Hangetsu
  • Kankū dai

Additional information

  • Additional detailed drawings for difficult applications
  • Clear and detailed illustrations with all details
  • Additional compilation of all kata "at a glance"
  • Supplementary text explanations for difficult passages
  • Explanation of Japanese terms with the help of illustrations

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Author: Fiore Tartaglia
Publisher: Spectra Design & Verlag
Format: eBook
Original edition: 2003
Publication date Amazon: 10.2017
Publication date Apple: 10.2017
Publication date Kobo
: 10.2017
Publication date Google
: 10.2017
ISBN: 978-3-945583-06-7
Item number: BSK33EIT
Additives: Over 1,700 drawings in total