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all karateka who enjoy detailed karate illustrations of various techniques and postures and want to use them for non-commercial purposes.


All illustrations from the book "The Essence of Karate" were created by the book author Fiore Tartaglia. Each illustration is based on a karate technique performed by the karateka himself. Their final realization is an interplay between photography and hand drawing. A creative and at the same time lengthy process that has made the quality of each illustration possible in the first place. Only in this way can essential details of each technique and position be optimally represented. The illustrations available here can be used for non-commercial purposes and in compliance with the copyright - examples:

  • Logo templates for karate schools
  • Wall decorations
  • Tattoos
  • Gift ideas like cards, vouchers, etc.
  • Instructions for karate techniques within your own Dōjō

15 Illustrations | FREE Download

The 15 Shōtōkan karate illustrations are free. The download link will be sent by email.


  • 4 defensive techniques | Uke waza: Age uke, Gedan barai, Manji uke, Shuto uke
  • 3 foot techniques | Keri waza: Mae geri, Mawashi geri, Yoko geri keage
  • 3 hand techniques | Te waza: Age zuki, Gyaku zuki, Kagi zuki
  • 3 stances | Dachi: Fudo dachi, Kamae, Kosa dachi
  • 2 extras: Fundametal (Oi zuki), Seiza

105 Illustrations | Download

The 105 Shōtōkan-Karate illustrations can be purchased at the price listed. After purchase is complete, the download link will be emailed.


  • 25 defensive techniques | uke waza: Age uke, Gedan barai, Gedan nagashi uke, Juji uke (4 types), Kakiwake uke (2 types), deep Kokutsu dachi - Gedan shuto barai, Manji uke (2 types), Migi age uke, Morote uke (2 species), Shuto uke (3 species), Soto uke (2 species), Te nagashi uke (2 species), Tsuru ashi dachi - Manji uke, Uchi uke (2 species).
  • 17 foot techniques | Keri waza: Mae geri (4 types), Mae hiza geri, Mawashi geri, Mawashi hiza geri, Ura mawashi geri (2 types), Ushiro geri (2 types), Ushiro mawashi ashi barai, Yoko geri keage (2 types), Yoko geri kekomi (3 types).
  • 38 hand techniques | Te waza: Age zuki, Awase zuki, Chudan ushiro empi uchi, Empi uchi (5 types), Gedan barai in Kiba dachi, Gyaku zuki (4 types), Haito uchi (2 types), Hasami zuki, Jodan ushiro empi uchi, Kagi zuki (2 types), Kamae, Kosa dachi - Te nagashi uke, Uraken uchi, Mawashi zuki, Migi gedan Barai, Morote zuki, Neko ashi dachi - Te nagashi uke, Haito uchi, Oi zuki (2 types), Seiken choku zuki (2 types), Shuto uchi (2 types), Tate zuki, Teisho uchi, Tettsui uchi, Ura zuki, Uraken uchi, Yama zuki (2 types).
  • 23 stances | Dachi: Fudo dachi (2 types), Hachi ji dachi, Hangetsu dachi (2 types), Heisoku dachi, Kamae (3 types), Kiba dachi (2 types), Kokutsu dachi (2 types) , Kosa dachi (2 species), Musubi dachi, Neko ashi dachi (2 species), Renoji dachi, Sanchin dachi (2 species), Zenkutsu dachi (2 species).
  • 2 extras: Fundametal (Oi zuki), Seiza.

Copyright information

All illustrations may be used for non-commercial purposes only, provided the following copyright is mentioned:

©Fiore Tartaglia | | Spectra Design & Publishers
Copyright by Fiore Tartaglia, Göppingen.
All rights reserved.

When using the illustrations the copyright must always be correctly stated. The illustrations may not be passed on to third parties and may only be used for non-commercial purposes. Requests for commercial use of the illustrations must be submitted by e-mail and expressly approved for the appropriate purpose by the copyright holder. Legal action will be taken in the event of copyright infringement.

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Illustrator: Fiore Tartaglia
Publisher: Spectra Design & Verlag
Format: PNG images
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