🇬🇧 Digital-Book | The 26 Shōtōkan-Kata at a glance

This manual is ideal for ...
all karateka as a reference book and training companion, who have already mastered the 26 Shōtōkan-Kata, want to continue to maintain and appreciate a quick assistance.


Through clear illustrations and the deliberate omission of specific details and explanations, this manual provides the karateka with an overview and thus quick help to look up forgotten sequences and techniques of the kata at any time.

Karateka are often confronted with the following questions during training:

  • At what point does the kiai come?
  • Is the Jōdan kick or Chūdan executed?
  • Does the Sanbon principle come into play in the combination?
  • Is the movement executed quickly or slowly?

These and similar questions, will be answered simply and quickly, so that training can continue without prolonged delay.


  • Heian shodan
  • Heian nidan
  • Heian sandan
  • Heian yondan
  • Heian godan
  • Tekki shodan
  • Tekki nidan
  • Tekki sandan
  • Bassai dai
  • Bassai shō
  • Kankū dai
  • Kankū shō
  • Empi
  • Hangetsu
  • Jion
  • Jitte
  • Ji'in
  • Chinte
  • Gankaku
  • Nijū shi ho
  • Sōchin
  • Wankan
  • Meikyō
  • Gojū shi ho dai
  • Gojū shi ho shō
  • Unsu
  • Ten no Kata

Additional information

A special feature in this manual is the Ten no Kata: the kata developed by Funakoshi is presented with clear illustrations, making it easy to follow.

Product details

Author: Fiore Tartaglia
Publisher: Spectra Design & Verlag
Size: 48 pages
Format: PDF
: 9783945583210
Item number: TSK26P