Article from the DJKB magazine 03-2019 "Concentrated karate knowledge"


Fiore Tartaglia (6th Dan) describes his new book in an interview with the Südwestpresse as "my most valuable work". In it he has summarized 45 years of experience in karate, which explains the title: "The Karate Essence

Born in 1958, he began karate at the age of 16. At the age of 22 he moved from Naples to Göppingen in Baden-Württemberg. Since then he has worked in the district as a graphic designer and photographer, and is one of the two directors of the KarateDojo Taikikan. In his Spectra publishing house he has already published many karate books. Legendary are the black kata and bunkai books, which clarify movement sequences in detail and comprehensibly through the meticulous drawings.

The main part of the book is taken up by the first chapter "Karate in the Dojo". In it, Tartaglia describes basic principles of karate and introduces the karate techniques, waza. Which part of the body is used in the martial art, stances, defensive, hand and foot techniques, in short the basics are described. And this in concise and clear texts, where the detailed drawings of the gifted graphic artistgraphic artist Tartaglia contribute immensely to the clarification. Jahyears of karate experience and a profound understanding of the martial art allow the author to give his reader precise instructions to the reader. Of course, the breathing, hara, kime and all the important terms in the budo martial arts are important terms in the Budo martial arts.

In part 2 follows advice on karate in everyday life, for example, how politenessand respect also play a role outside the dojo. Or how to adopt a back-friendly posture in the bathroom in the morning in order toback in the morning in order to walk more consciously through the day. march through the day more consciously. Part 3 is titled "The mental teaching" and illuminates the and highlights, among other things, the mental attitude, energyforms and Zen. And then in the appendix there is a valuable dictionary with all the technical terms.

All in all, this is an excellent reference work, practical and instrucpractical and instructive accompanies every karateka. Incredibly detailed here are described step by step techniques techniques are described so plausibly that the book will establish itself as a competent guide. For all those who value precision as much as maturity of character.

Fiore Tartaglia: The Karate Essence. Spectra Publishing, 304 pages, 29.95 euros. More: