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This book is ideal for ...
all karateka from 1st dan who want to go in depth.


Predominantly practice-oriented and with numerous graphics and illustrations, this book is dedicated to the deepening of the basic principles of karate, assuming that the basic knowledge is available. Various exercises are shown, with which each subtlety can be internalized specifically and systematically.

The topics covered, including: body and hip insertion, rhythms, staggered starts, body center and the unification of forces, are explained in an easy-to-understand manner with the help of symbols, graphics, illustrations and illustrated intermediate movements, making them easy to follow during training.

The two fold-out flaps integrated into the cover serve as a legend for the symbols and at the same time as an index of the Japanese terms used - a practical companion throughout the book.

On the way to becoming a master, the spiritual component is just as much a part of it as the physical. This aspect is also part of this book. A must for the karateka who does not want to move on the surface with his karate practice, but wants to go further into the depths.


  • The black belt
  • Use of the body
  • The axes
  • Rotational force
  • The retracting hand
  • Step
  • Closing and opening
  • Vertical and horizontal
  • Use of hips
  • Foot techniques
  • Body center
  • Staggered start
  • Rhythms
  • The union of forces
  • The training continues
  • The way
  • The Master

Product details

Author: Fiore Tartaglia
Publisher: Spectra Design & Verlag
Format: eBook
Original edition: 2000
Publication date Amazon: 01.2015
Publication date
 Kobo: 01.2015
Publication date
 Google: 01.2015
Publication date
 Apple: 01.2015
Size: 112 pages
ISBN: 978-3-945583-03-6
Item number: VSM12EDE
Additives: With nearly 700 graphics
Language: German