From the Dōjō to the conference room: how martial arts values contribute to CFOs' business success

Recently, I had the honor of appearing as a guest on Viktor Mendel's podcast, "Mendel Talks Finance". In this captivating episode, we embarked on a journey to explore the fascinating connection between martial arts principles and entrepreneurial success. These links are values such as respect, perseverance, discipline, humility and courage as they are important in karate and also in business.

Respect in dealing with others
Treating team members with respect has a positive influence on team dynamics. An example from karate practice shows that respect towards training partners not only improves the learning atmosphere, but also significantly reduces the risk of injury. In the business world, respect strengthens cooperation and promotes a positive working atmosphere and thus the motivation of individual employees.

Perseverance in achieving goals
Perseverance is a driving force behind sustainable growth and financial stability. Similar to karate, where continuous repetition of moves leads to mastery, the financial world shows that CFOs can achieve long-term goals with perseverance, as they don't give up when the going gets tough.

Discipline as the key to efficiency
Discipline is fundamental in both martial arts and business. In karate training, discipline through the regular repetition of techniques makes the decisive difference in the execution and therefore also in the power of the technique. In business, a disciplined approach increases efficiency. Clearly defined processes and consistent implementation are the key to long-term success.

Modesty and leadership qualities
Modest managers promote team orientation, self-reflection and an open willingness to learn. A karate master who remains humble despite his high level of skill inspires his students. In the business world, humility leads to a positive and cooperative work culture with communication at eye level, which boosts motivation within the team.

Courage as a driver for innovation
Courageous CFOs take risks and thereby drive innovation. Karate shows that overcoming your own limits and taking on new challenges leads to personal growth. In the business world, courage can not only promote financial growth, but also creative solutions and the willingness to learn from mistakes.

Traditional martial arts values are highly relevant in the modern business world. By integrating respect, perseverance, discipline, humility and courage, CFOs can not only strengthen their leadership skills but also take business success to a new level. Now is the time to harness these timeless principles and successfully navigate the journey from the dōjō to the boardroom by firmly embedding and living these values in everyday professional life.

The ability to transfer the teachings from dōjō to everyday life - both in the private and professional sphere - is a clear sign of understanding the higher level of karate dō.

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From the Dōjō to the conference room: how the values from martial arts contribute to CFOs' business success. (German language)