Living with passion: the art of living in the moment, inspired by karate teachings

In a hectic world where we are often absorbed by the past or the future, the "living with passion" approach reminds us that the present is all we have.
It is the moment in which we feel, and that is what matters.

In this article, we explore how the teachings of karate can help us to focus on the present moment. In doing so, we can better understand what feels good to us and consciously choose to live a more passionate life.

The meaning of "living with passion":
Living with passion is a powerful approach that encourages us to enrich our existence with everything that gives us a deep positive feeling in our hearts. It means experiencing life consciously and making decisions that influence our daily actions and therefore how we feel.

A little exercise - ask yourself the following questions:

How does it feel when a certain person is near me?

How do I feel when I eat my favorite food?

What do I feel when my alarm clock rings in the morning?

What do I feel when I look at the sea or the mountains?

These and similar questions are important in order to understand how the here and now feels. If the answer is positive and I consciously perceive this good feeling, I live the moment with passion.

Karate teaches us to live in the moment.
The idea that only the moment matters is a key aspect of mindfulness that is emphasized in many traditional philosophies, including karate. Instead of being overwhelmed by worries about the future or regrets about the past, the practice of mindfulness teaches us to be present in the here and now. Karate requires absolute concentration to execute techniques with precision and reminds us that every moment is crucial and an opportunity for personal growth. The art of karate encourages us to focus completely on every movement, every breath and every moment.

Karate teaches us to focus on the moment. It is up to us to consciously perceive this moment and feel into it. If we want to live a life with more passion, it is important to recognize the positive feeling, to feel it correctly and to let it guide us.