Ji'in has similarities with jion and jitte. Not only the Yōi, which is the same in all three kata, shows the affiliation, but also other aspects.

The first technique is executed to the rear in each case, and manji uke and various double techniques are present in all three kata. The rhythm of Ji'in is dynamic and stable.

One technique that is rarely used in the Shōtōkan today is Shutō uchi in Kiba dachi. The prerequisite for effective and stable execution of this attack is perfect coordination of arm technique, hip use and stance.

Again - for the bunkai aspect - the karateka is required to design his own applications for the counter techniques after the double defensive techniques "Uchi uke - Gedan barai".

The 3 series Tettsui uchi again presents a somewhat unusual situation: Two of the attacks are executed by turning over the back. This requires balance and body control.
In this series, the lunges are quite different. Here the solution is offered which is most logical: after the last double block, the right hand is on top (Uchi uke) and the left hand is on the bottom (Gedan barai). Since the right hand is at the top, it stands to reason that it also lunges from the top. In the two following Tettsui uchi, however, the attacking hand starts lower, from the hip (Hikite posture).

Much practice requires the last Gedan barai at the end of the Kata. Although a lunge and countermovement is missing, it should be executed powerfully. In order to achieve sufficient effectiveness, a stable stance is essential.

The following techniques require a lot of physical effort and sensitivity. Since they characterize the last sequence of the kata without a change of stance, they can only make the end interesting through correct use of the hips, muscular tension and rhythm.

Ji'in contains various individual aspects that can only be brought to bear through intensive study of this kata. Maybe that's where the name comes from: love and shadow ...

Duration: about 60 seconds

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