🇩🇪 Book | Bunkai of the Shōtōkan-Kata from black belt | Volume 4

Volume 4 is ideal for ...
all karateka as a reference book and training companion who want to develop a comprehensive understanding of the applications of Shōtōkan master kata from black belt.


The fourth volume in this kata series deepens and expands the broad spectrum of bunkai - analyzing and understanding a technique or kata - of the Shōtōkan karate style. The subject of this book is the master kata. The applications here, which deliberately adhere strictly to the kata sequences, provide readers with the opportunity for accurate and clear interpretations of the complex higher kata. Didactically wise, the book supports with suggestions on tactics, principles and additional applications.


  • Kata and Bunkai
  • Bunkai of the higher Kata
  • Tekki nidan
  • Tekki sandan
  • Bassai shō
  • Kankū shō
  • Jitte
  • Gankaku
  • Chinte
  • Ji'in
  • Nijū shi ho
  • Sōchin
  • Wankan
  • Meikyō
  • Gojū shi ho dai
  • Gojū shi ho shō
  • Unsu

Additional information

  • Additional detailed drawings for difficult applications
  • Clear and detailed illustrations with all details
  • Additional compilation of all kata "at a glance"
  • Supplementary text explanations for difficult passages
  • Explanation of Japanese terms with the help of illustrations
  • Handy format and robust design, suitable for the sports bag

Product details

Author: Fiore Tartaglia
Publisher: Spectra Design & Verlag
 17 x 24 cm
Refined Paperback
164 pages
Item number: BSK44
Publication date:
 9th ed. June 2022
Original Edition
Over 2,600 total illustrations. Cover with fold-in flaps and partial varnish. Thread stitching. Clear presentation due to two-color design.