🇩🇪 Poster Duo | Karate techniques and tools

The poster duo is ideal for ...
all karateka as a useful support during training - with all basic techniques & tools at a glance. Perfect for home and karate schools/clubs.


The poster duo at a special price: instead of 35,80€ only 27,50€. On one poster the basic techniques are shown and on the other poster the basic tools in karate. The high-quality 300 gram image printing poster paper / matte can be easily mounted on various surfaces, such as wood or Plexiglas plates. Usable are the two posters also on smooth walls. With the poster duo, every karate training room gets the right atmosphere as well as practical karate helpers at the same time.


Poster "Techniques", the following basic techniques are shown and named on the poster:

  • Stances / Dachi
  • Defense techniques / Uke waza
  • Hand techniques / Te waza
  • Foot techniques / Keri waza

Poster "Tools", the following basic tools are shown and named on the poster:

  • Fist / Tsuki
  • Open hand / Kaishō
  • Forearm, elbow, knee / Ude, Empi, Hiza
  • Kick / Keri

Product details

Publisher: Spectra Design & Publishing
Format: DIN A1 (594 x 841 mm)
Source Illustrations: from the book "The Essence of Karate"
Material: High quality 300 gram image printing poster paper/matte
Scope: Two posters (Karate techniques + tools)
Item number: KTW01