🇩🇪 Book | My first karate book

This book is ideal for ...
Children ages seven to 13 and serves as a training companion for the first three to four years of karate practice.


Written in child-friendly language, it introduces and explains the basic techniques that every karate kid should learn at the beginning in the areas of kihon, kata, and kumite. In addition, the values that karate teaches at a young age are described, such as respect, discipline, courtesy, and how to handle criticism. Dōjō rules of etiquette, examples of goal setting, and the connection between karate and the school, provide young karateka with an overall impression of karate-dō teachings.


  • I am proud to be a karateka
  • My personal book
  • A bit of history ...
  • The characters of Karate-dō
  • The Karate styles
  • What is karate today?
  • Why is karate good for children?
  • The cleanliness
  • The rules of etiquette in the Dōjō
  • The graduations
  • Tying the belt
  • Gi - the karate suit
  • The locker room
  • My karate teacher
  • My karate friends
  • I count in Japanese
  • The tools of karate
  • The three levels
  • The control
  • How to close the fist
  • Rei - the bow
  • Dōjō - the training space
  • Dachi - the stances
  • Ayumi ashi - normal step
  • Suri ashi - sliding step
  • Tai sabaki - circular body rotation
  • Uke waza - the defensive techniques
  • Zuki waza - arm techniques
  • Geri waza - the leg techniques
  • Breathing
  • Kiai - the fighting cry
  • Kime - union of the forces
  • Mokusō - the meditation
  • The three pillars
  • Kihon - the basic school
  • Mawatte - the turn
  • Kata - the forms
  • Kumite - the partner exercises
  • My goals
  • My Kyu exams
  • I am getting better in school
  • Beautiful thoughts
  • the bamboo tree
  • Simply explained
  • Lexicon German-Japanese and Japanese-German
  • What I have learned
  • Challenges
  • Important conclusion
  • My notes

Additional information

The Children's Karate Book can be individually supplemented at your own discretion and thus becomes a very personal training companion and thus a real one-of-a-kind, thanks to:

  • own pictures, which can be pasted into it.
  • free pages for personal drawings and notes.
  • two included bookmarks and stand-ups, which can be cut out and used independently of the book.

The Children's Karate book serves as a supplement to training and supports karate instructors, thanks to:

  • the karate terms, which are simply described.
  • the function as a reference book before, during and after training with information on techniques, lunges and the first three kata.
  • the teaching of values explained in a playful way, such as the responsibility of children in the Dōjō.

Product details

Author: Fiore Tartaglia
Spectra Design & Publishing
136 pages
17 x 24 cm
Refined paperback
Item number:
Publication date:
2nd edition; February 2019
Original edition:
Over 400 illustrations, cut-out bookmarks and stand-up pages, fold-out pages.
Language: German