🇬🇧 Gift voucher

The gift vouchers are ideal for ...
all those who want to give joy to a karateka for a birthday, karate exam or without any specific reason and do not know what kind of gift to make.


The various vouchers offer the right gift idea for every small to large wish. The vouchers are digital and will be sent by e-mail after purchase.

Receive & redeem voucher

Step 1 - Receive the voucher:
The voucher will be sent to your e-mail address specified in the purchase.

Step 2 - Give away the voucher:
The voucher can be forwarded as an e-mail or PDF to the person who is to receive the gift. In addition, the voucher can be printed out as a PDF and presented in physical gift form.

Step 3 - Redeem voucher:
To redeem the voucher the voucher code (from the mail/PDF) must be copied and entered in the designated field in the shopping cart. The amount given away will then be automatically deducted at the checkout.

Product details

Publisher: Spectra Design & Publishing
Format: Digital