Poster | Watercolor series

The watercolor poster is ideal for ...
all karateka who are looking for an artistic and at the same time lively karate decoration that enriches every room with a creative atmosphere. Perfect for homes and karate schools/clubs.


The series consists of seven watercolors and shows dynamic fight scenes inspired by karate techniques.

Printed on high quality 250 gram picture paper with a matt finish, the poster can be easily applied to various surfaces, including wood or plexiglass panels. It is perfect for smooth walls and can be displayed on the wall in a picture frame with ease.

    Product details

    Illustrations: Fiore Tartaglia
    Spectra Design & Verlag
    Format: DIN A2 (420 x 594 mm)
    Number of watercolors: 7
    Material: High-quality 250 gram poster paper/matt
    EAN/GTIN: 618455573644
    Item number: PAQ01-7