Sticker | #KarateKids

The stickers are ideal for ...
all karate kids as a small additional gift. Available as set of 20 or free with every order.


The sticker illustration comes from the book "My First Karate Book" and shows Emily and Jan in a dynamic fight scene.

Set of 20

The #KarateKids stickers are available as a set of 20 for the young karate students and are often enclosed as a small additional gift for passing exams, Christmas, etc. from the karate schools.

Free with your order

On request we add five #KarateKids stickers to your order. Simply note the keyword "#Karate-Kids Sticker" in the order process under "order note".

Product details

Publisher: Spectra Design & Publishing
Material: 90 µm adhesive film
70 mm
Finished with glossy UV varnish
GTIN: 615722379800
Item number: AKA01