Life: No coincidences, but a consistent consequence of our decisions

Our lives are characterized by ups and downs, often consciously or unconsciously due to our own decisions. Our existence consists of a sequence of events that seem to be random. But in truth, we make decisions with our own will that bring us new situations.

The phrase "I was forced by circumstances" is an avoidance of our own responsibility. By placing the blame on circumstances, other people, or external characteristics, such as age, height, or place of birth, we prevent the possibility of taking control of our own lives and thus taking responsibility. Only when we take the helm for our own lives can we gain control over our own lives and live them the way we want to.

Karate teaches us to take responsibility for our actions.

Regular practice improves our technique, while neglect reduces our skill. A weak defense is overtaken by an attack, while an indecisive attack fails. Karate practice teaches us to recognize mistakes immediately, as the consequences are immediate and sometimes painful. The corrections of our techniques by our instructor in the Dōjō must therefore be appreciated. Constructive criticism is an important part of our developmental journey as karateka.

Karate also teaches us that a single moment of carelessness can determine the outcome of a fight.

Through this, we learn the importance of physical and mental presence. We recognize our weaknesses and are ready to accept them. This responsible attitude builds a strong character and can lead to a master personality. We see our responsibility in failures and successes - there are no accidents!

Our training as karateka can be compared to a chain. Each link is connected to the previous one and connects to the next to form a strong chain. Our development is built on existing knowledge. There is no room for coincidence on our clear path, just as the first link is inseparable from the second. Even the throwing of dice follows a precise mathematical law that we understand through probability theory.


Nothing happens by chance; everything follows precise laws, as physics also teaches us. Zanshin, awareness, enables us to handle situations with presence and clear decisions, without leaving any detail to chance. This ability is the secret that enables us to achieve high goals.