December 2018

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Goeppingen / Thelonious Hartmann 12.12.2018.

The Goeppingen karate book author Fiore Tartaglia has sold his 50 000th reference book these days. The 60-year-old writes and publishes in self-publishing. The total circulation now includes eight books in three languages, some of which are considered standard works in the industry.

His professions as a graphic designer and photographer have laid the foundation for his success as a karate book author: Through his decades of experience as a karate instructor, he not only knows about the perfect execution of the movement sequences, but also puts them on paper visually in self-explanatory picture sequences with great detail.

In his latest book "The Karate Way of Children, the Goeppinger explains in child-friendly language the basic techniques of Kihon, Kata and Kumite. He conveys values such as respect, discipline, tradition and how to deal with criticism.

Since the mark of 25,000 books sold, the holder of the 6th Dan has digitally expanded his portfolio: With the app ShotokanKata, every smartphone owner has since then free access to three selected exercises. These are comprehensible by clear graphics and pausable slow motion recordings of the sequences for interested parties and beginners of karate. The app is available in five languages for IOS and Android and has already inspired 28,000 people worldwide.

The family man, who was born in Eboli/Southern Italy, has also been running a YouTube channel since 2015. In 33 short videos so far, he explains techniques for beginners as well as for advanced users step by step - and new ones are constantly being added. Thanks to son Enno, all books are also available as EBooks.

The teacher sees his future in giving quality of life through courses and seminars. With future books, the author would like to reach a target group beyond martial arts. He already has a book idea.

Busy book writer: karateka Fiore Tartaglia.

Thelonious Hartmann