July 2019

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Sports literature
Author from Ursenwang summarizes 45 years of experience in his ninth work in valuable form.

The pride of the 61-year-old family man about his ninth book, which is published today, is understandable. "This book contains over 45 years of karate knowledge, experience and practice, making it my most valuable work," Fiore Tartaglia said of "The Karate Essence." The self-employed graphic designer and photographer, who is considered Europe's best-selling karate book author, has packed all his knowledge into this work and has also "made it as valuable as a document with very detailed drawings." In terms of content, the owner of a karate dojo in Gosbach, who came to Göppingen from Naples as a 22-year-old, deals in the new book with the basic karate techniques, the transfer of karate into everyday life and with the mental attitude. Tartaglia thereby considers the physical as well as the mental level and thus, according to his own statement, carries the concept of karate together in this book.
A man of practice, Fiore Tartaglia holds the sixth dan in Shotokan Karate, works as a trainer and examiner, and enjoys being inspired by other martial arts.

His ninth book is published: Flore Tartaglia.

Harald Betz