The translation of neko ashi dachi is cat foot stance. The association comes from the cat stance just before jumping on prey.

The neko ashi dachi puts a lot of strain on the muscles of the thighs of the back leg. Both legs should be bent as much as possible to ensure that the height of the stance is kept low.

Due to the fact that about 90% of the weight in neko ashi dachi is shifted to the back leg, it is easy to execute a quick and unnoticed mae geri with the front leg without shifting the body weight in front of it. This makes it difficult for the opponent to recognize the technique early, since the preparation is virtually unpredictable.

The front foot, which is pointed forward, touches the ground only with the ball of the foot. The rear foot is slightly inclined like in hachi ji dachi and musubi dachi or also like the rear foot of zenkutsu dachi. Both legs are strongly bent with the lower leg of the front leg vertical or slightly extended forward.

As in Kōkutsu dachi, both heels are in line here.

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