Wankan is the shortest Shōtōkan kata. It is also practiced in the Shitō-ryū and Shōrin-ryū styles. It contains only a few techniques, but these are so demanding that it ranks among the higher kata.

In Wankan, only one kiai occurs. In Shōtōkan it occurs only here and in Meikyō, all other kata have two kiai.

The scissor defense technique at the beginning of the kata, which also occurs in Nijū shi ho, can be seen as a block against a fist strike. One clamps the wrist and pushes the attacker backwards to keep him busy. One achieves with it that the opponent cannot attack further. After that, one can push him into the short distance for a double fist kick or another attack is repelled and countered with a Chūdan ren zuki.

After the kick defense techniques (Morote sukui ucke), the same situation arises again: either the opponent is pushed into the right distance for a counter technique or one fends off a second attack.

In these sequences, care should be taken that the neko ashi dachi are exercised as deeply as the zenkutsu dachi. Only then can the respective defensive techniques be executed with a horizontal dynamic. This technical aspect gives the kata an additional aesthetic.

Returning to the kick defense techniques, the two morote sukui uke are very demanding because they are to be executed with a very pronounced body tension, in a situation that is extraordinary. The turns before the techniques and the short neko ashi dachi stances, make a powerful action difficult. For this, an intensive practice is indispensable.

The last lane should be practiced just as intensively, so that it is not limited to a sequence of techniques. For this, as can be seen well from the graphical representation, the Sanbon principle should be taken into account. Again, it would be immediately noticeable to move upward in the execution of the three mae geri. Here the combinations of the mae geri with the following oi zuki are to be combined in such a way that they form a unit in each case. In order to be able to execute this long combination "punctually" and with the correct rhythm, one needs the full body commitment and a distinctive sensitivity for the technique.

Duration: about 30 seconds

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