🇩🇪 Calligraphy set | three Japanese wisdoms

The calligraphy set is ideal for ...
all karateka who love and live their martial art and appreciate a special wall decoration at home or in the Dōjō appreciate. At the same time a nice gift idea.


The set includes three calligraphies, each with the following lettering:

  • Karate-dō Shougai
    Karate-dō for a lifetime

  • Dou ni kokorozashi
    The way is the goal
  • Tei wa shi to nari mata tei to naru
    From student to master and back to student

These three calligraphies are considered essential guiding principles in karate. They originated from the brush of Shihan Hannelore Dietrich-Cap. She holds the highest master degree in Shodō - the way of writing. The calligraphies are available in 20 x 30 cm format on high quality canvas.

Additional information

  • Special graduated prices for purchase quantity of at least five calligraphies for karate schools and clubs available on request.

Product details

Font master: Hannelore Dietrich-Cap
Publisher: Spectra Design & Publishing
Format: 20 x 30 cm
Material: Canvas
Item number: KALL04
EAN/GTIN: 615722379909