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Available for iOS and ANDROID and for smartphone and tablet:

The app is ideal for ...
all karateka and serves as a reference tool and training companion to practice the Shōtōkan-Kata at any time.


Which kata did I practice last? Karateka often ask themselves this question. The Shōtōkan kata app provides a remedy for training.

In the app, the kata are structured in the form of a "to-do list" and can be checked off "as practiced" as needed. In addition, their order can be changed. The legend can be called up at any time for quick reference.

Thanks to the portrait format, important details can be recognized immediately, not least because the graphics are displayed larger. In addition, the graphics can be enlarged using the "magnifying glass" button. The display in landscape format makes it possible to view several graphics at the same time, thus the course of the kata becomes clearer.

Two end techniques are always provided with three intermediate movements. This makes it possible to follow exactly how to get from the first to the second technique.

Train at your own pace, because you can choose between different sequence speeds or scroll freely through the entire kata.

Choose the app background you like, you have the following choices:

- Metal
- Dōjō
- Stone
- Paper
- Wood
- Japan
- Bamboo White
- Bamboo Green

Content of the free app version

The following three kata are included – try the free app version and see for yourself:

    • Taikyoku shodan
    • Heian shodan
    • Heian nidan

You have the possibility to unlock more kata -individually- at any time for 1,19€ each or to change to the full version (unlocking of all kata) for 16,99€ - one-time fee.

Here is the free app version:
For iOS
For Android

Content of the full version

The following kata are included here:

    • Taikyoku shodan
    • Heian shodan
    • Heian nidan
    • Heian sandan
    • Heian yondan
    • Heian godan
    • Tekki shodan
    • Tekki nidan
    • Tekki sandan
    • Bassai dai
    • Bassai shô
    • Kankû dai
    • Kankû shô
    • Empi
    • Hangetsu
    • Jion
    • Jitte
    • Ji'in
    • Chinte
    • Gankaku
    • Nijû shi ho
    • Sôchin
    • Wankan
    • Meikyô
    • Gojû shi ho dai
    • Gojû shi ho shô
    • Unsu

Click here to get the full version of the app for 16.99€ - one-time fee:
For iOS
For Android

Product details

Author: Fiore Tartaglia
Publisher: Spectra Design & Verlag
Format: App - for Android and iOS
Item number: APPSK