🇩🇪 Poster | Kata Heian yondan | Bright

The poster is ideal for ...
all karateka who want to look up certain details of the kata Heian yondan or passages of it during training quickly and easily understandable.


On the poster is the Kata Heian yondan clearly illustrated for viewing before, during and after training and is also well suited for exam preparation. The high-quality 300 gram image printing poster paper / matte can be easily mounted on various surfaces, such as wood or Plexiglas plates. The poster can also be used on smooth walls. With the poster every karate training room gets the right atmosphere as well as a practical karate helper at the same time.


The following details of the kata Heian yondan are shown and named on the poster:

  • Kiai indications during the kata
  • Legend for the quick grasp of the characters
  • Marking of the position in the enbusen
  • Colored representation of the different rhythms
  • Lateral view for better recognition of the techniques
  • Graphic representation of steps and turns
  • Graphic representation of the different hip postures
  • Labeling of all techniques and positions

Product details

Publisher: Spectra Design & Publishing
Format: DIN A1 (594 x 841 mm)
Source Drawings: from the Shōtōkan-Kata book series
Material: High quality 300 gram image printing poster paper/matte
GTIN Poster - Light:
Poster item number - Light: