April 2018

Saxon Karate Federation e.V.


Punctually 10 o'clock in the morning stood on 07.04.2018 over 150 karateka, which had traveled from four states, in Falkenstein Nogtland in the Zweifelderhalle and looked forward to the upcoming four training sessions. The karate world 10.04.2018 1 implementation Reichenbach e.V. was very proud to welcome the trainers Fiore Tartaglia, Fritz Oblinger and Peter Zäch (who the Eu-liebenswerter way very short notice for the sick Harald Strauß stepped in; at this data protection regulation place again many thanks for your flexibility.).

Afterwards three groups were divided, whereby the beginners to 7.Kyu & Dan carriers remained in the coarse hall and the 6.Kyu - 1.Kyu group changed into the 150 m distant second hall. So all could develop freely in the training and get their money's worth.

Fritz, whom we welcomed for the first time, delighted the participants with drills, partner exercises and historical as well as "current" Katas. Fiore had, in addition to wisdom of daily life, again by his technical subtleties one or the other in amazement and passed on his tricks. Peter passed on his knowledge by explaining to the lower level what a Kiai is for, and also challenged them well in other ways, stressed the intermediate level in Kumite forms, and especially strained and in places also confused the Dan holders with Katas in the Go and Ura forms. Thus, there were again various ways of thinking, which we can implement in the home dojos.

After all had sweated well and were exhausted, examinations stood in the connection. In addition 13 Karateka placed themselves to the examiners Fritz Oblinger and Fiore Tartaglia. There were great performances, so that it was not difficult for the examiners to award the new graduation. At this point congratulations to all examinees.

Thanks again to the trainers and especially to all participants for this great day and the good mood, because without you the hall would have been quite empty.

Text and photo: Lukas Polland