December 2019

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Sport: Fiore Tartaglia, 6th Dan holder and book author, conducted training for the Lauda, Bad Mergentheim and Veitshöchheim dojos.

The karateka of the ETSV Lauda experienced a very special training. Fiore Tartaglia, 6th Dan holder and book author, led a training session.

By Marina Kernmer

Lauda. When the karate club of ETSV Lauda celebrated its 20th anniversary two years ago and succeeded in recruiting the two karate luminaries Tartaglia and Bernd Weinreich as trainers for the associated anniversary course, a connection was forged that continues to this day. Because also in this year a training course was organized, with which Fiore Tartaglia brought again the Karate club Dean Lauda and the friendly KarateDojos Bad Mergentheim and Veitshöchheim his comprehensive Karate knowledge closer.

Fiore Tartaglia is, in addition to his coaching activities, also a book author, which is why he is already professionally involved in karate to an above-average extent, not only with regard to the physical aspects, but also to the philosophical and historical background.

The knowledge accumulated through many years of karate study was recently significantly expanded by a trip to Japan, the country of origin of karate, through the experiences made there. Without further ado, he made this the main topic of the course and thus allowed the participants to share in the newly gained knowledge.

Basically, all the exercises that he presented in the two training sessions for the adult group, revolved around experiencing long years of trained movements through a much more conscious and subtly changed execution. Through this method, the karate practitioners noticed a visible improvement in their techniques in a very short time.

But Fiore Tartaglia is not only known for his didactically high-quality way of teaching adults, he also manages to teach the children karate with cleverly used playful elements, without losing the necessary seriousness that is associated with this martial art. He proved this in the training session for the children, which opened the course day and once again triggered bright enthusiasm among the little karate fighters.

No less than three karate dojos, including Lauda, benefited from a training session by the well-known trainer Fiore Tartaglia (right).