November 2023

Karate department - Course with karate master Fiore Tartaglia in Lauda

November 26, 2023

Born in Italy, Fiore Tartaglia has been practising karate since 1974 and began practising this martial art at the age of 16. Today he holds the 7th Dan and trains daily. He describes karate as an integral part of his lifestyle and at the same time a great passion and attitude to life.

I knew him mainly from YouTube videos where he demonstrates various karate techniques. Together with three karatekas from our dojo, we traveled to Lauda-Königshofen on 25.11.2023 to experience Fiore live in the dojo there. Our sensei Thomas also accompanied us and we were all curious to see what the course would be like.

It consisted of two training sessions of one and a half hours each. The first part was about the correct execution of katas, which in my case was the Heian Nidan. Katas are sequences of movements designed to simulate a fight against an imaginary opponent. Once again, I realized that I still had a lot of room for improvement. However, Fiore's interesting training style also challenges you to give your all in order to implement the content shown in your own karate as well as possible.

The second part of the course dealt with the possibilities of using individual elements of the katas covered in specific situations and adapting them to these. I always find this part of karate training particularly interesting for me personally.

At the end of the course, we were treated to beer, soft drinks and pizza by the karate dojo in Lauda-Königshofen, so that everyone had time to chat and exchange ideas with the other participants and also get to know Fiore personally. Many thanks at this point to the organizers for the great afternoon!

If this report has made you want to try karate yourself, simply contact our Sensei Thomas Igerst (0175-4140133, and arrange a trial training session. We look forward to seeing you!


Robert Heiligenthal