September 2022

TSV Riederich, Karate Department

Training course for the anniversary

On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of TSV Riederich the karate department organized a training course. Fiore Tartaglia could be won as a top-class trainer. Tartaglia carries the 7th Dan, the 7th master degree in Shotokan Karate. In addition, he is the author and graphic designer of numerous

of numerous well-known karate books. An invitation to the course went out to the dojos, or Shotokan Karate clubs, throughout the area. Numerous children and adults showed up to participate in this special training. Fiore Tartaglia gave a training adapted to the different ability groups. All participants gave their best and were tired and satisfied after a long day of training. (v)

Participants at the karate training course of TSV Riederich with trainer Fiore Tartaglia.