Unlike Bassai dai, Bassai shō contains many unusual techniques, giving it a very individual expression. The different defenses make learning the bunkai of Bassai shō very instructive, especially on the subject of self-defense.

The Yōi in Bassai shō is done in Heisoku dachi. The outer edge (Shutō) of the left hand is positioned over the inner edge (Haitō) of the right hand. The arms are extended downward in front of the body. As in Bassai dai, the first defensive technique is to go directly into the opponent's attack to knock him off balance. This is where the term "breaking the wall" comes from: breaking the attack before it has reached its full force.

Unlike the version in Bassai dai, in Tsukami yose (before the Fumikomi) the left hand encloses the right wrist. In Bassai dai, the right wrist is intended to be touched only lightly.

Duration: about 60 seconds

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