Mae geri keage

The snapping foot technique to the front is a frontal kick that is delivered on a direct path - following a vertical movement - to the target. The Mae geri keage can be applied Jōdan, Chūdan or Gedan. At the lower level, it becomes a Kin geri (preferred targets are the inner thigh or abdomen). For even deeper targets, such as the knee, shin or ankle, there is talk of fumikiri.

Mae geri kekomi

Mae geri kekomi can hit with both the ball of the foot (koshi) and the heel (kakato). The thrusting foot technique forward occurs in Shōtōkan predominantly in combat. In kihon and kata, the mae geri keage is basically used.
The mae geri kekomi, like the keage, hits on all three levels. The Gedan version of this technique is called Mae fumikomi.

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