The original name of tekki kata is Naihanchi, or Naifanchi, although the Wadō-ryū, Shōrin-ryū and Shitō-ryū styles have retained the name Naihanchi.

A typical feature of tekki kata is the techniques from kiba dachi executed from the side. This requires rotations of the upper body and insertion of the hips, although the stance is maintained. For this reason, the karateka should constantly pay attention to the stability and form of the kiba dachi during this time.

In the four koshi-kamae postures, care should be taken to ensure that the open hand, which supports the technique to follow, is always placed against the fist in a vertical position.

The first technique of tekki nidan represents a release from a grip from behind by raising the arms to a horizontal position and lowering the center of gravity through a translation step.

Only a timely and pronounced turn of the head in the direction of the action gives all kata of the Tekki series (thus also the Tekki nidan) the necessary fighting spirit, since the attacks are made from extremely different directions, despite remaining in the same position.

Duration: about 50 seconds

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