🇩🇪 Calligraphy | "Shu ha ri"

The calligraphy is ideal for ...
all karateka who love and live their martial art and appreciate a special wall decoration at home or in the Dōjō. At the same time a nice gift idea.


The calligraphy "Shu ha ri" means

"The learning / The liberation from form / The separation from what has been learned"

and is considered an essential guiding principle in karate. This beautiful Japanese calligraphy was created from the brush of Shihan Hannelore Dietrich-Cap. She holds the highest master degree in Shodō - the way of writing. The calligraphy is available in 20 x 30 cm format on high quality canvas.

    Product details

    Writing master: Hannelore Dietrich-Cap
    Publisher: Spectra Design & Publishing
    Format: 20 x 30 cm
    Material: canvas
    Item number : KALL08
    EAN/GTIN: 618455573293