October 2019

Saxon Karate Federation e.V.


This was the theme of a special course, because this Saturday, October 5, the 1st Shotokan Danshakai of the SKB took place in Reichenbach in the gym of the Weinholdschule.

The organizing club Karatewelt Reichenbach e.V., together with the speaker Fiore Tartaglia (6th Dan) and the Shotokan style direction adviser of the SKB, Dirk Eisenschmidt (4th Dan), could welcome almost punctually at eleven o'clock more than thirty eager Dan holders and some committed brown belts.

Thematically Fiore Tartaglia referred to the Kime and its correct use. Whether it was the proper timing of hip rotation or breaking down a fluid defensive technique into its smallest components, he constantly encouraged his participants to think and self-reflect. He also emphasized that techniques should not only be executed precisely, but meticulously. Thus, an apparently complete movement was taken apart and disassembled into its individual parts, examined, analyzed, practiced and reassembled so that it was more effective, but also looked fluid again.

After a short break for refreshments, the class continued with an hour-long mondo in which Fiore demonstrated the responsibilities of a karateka to those around him. "It is our duty to pass on the knowledge we gather. We absolutely must not take our knowledge to the grave." Fiore also clarified that this responsibility is all the greater with each new kyu degree and even more so with each newly acquired dan degree Likewise, he explained to us how to become more mindful, what differences there are and how we can better perceive the here and now. He explained this again and again with little stories, which led the participants to an animated exchange. The Zanshin, the higher level of consciousness, Fiore understands not only to relate to the training, but also to reflect on everyday life, this stimulated a group exchange, which even partially went beyond the Mondo.

In the second session Fiore applied what he had just learned to the Kata Enpi. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, only a closer look at the initial sequence was possible.

Shortly before the end Fiore changed the topic again and showed a partner exercise in which he "swept without sweeping" and brought down an opponent only by changing position and using his hips. This was practiced intensively by the participants during the last half hour.

After the farewell and the obligatory guest gift Dirk Eisenschmidt announced that also next year the 2nd Shotokan Danshakai with Fiore will take place. An organizing dojo is still to be determined.

A big thank you goes to Fiore, who was willing to share his knowledge with us and to Dirk Eisenschmidt, who trusted the KWR to organize this course. Another big thank you goes of course to all the hardworking helpers in the background.

Text: Carsten Kuhn & Lukas Polland, Photos: Martin Sonntag