December 2020


Learning karate through the Internet is a good thing. However, as an athlete you can also do the classic self-study and learn from books. Very suitable for this is the "Series of Black Karate Books" by Fiore Tartaglia, book author and 6th Dan Shotokan Karate.
We martial artists of the SV Lieth use his works when detailed questions about katas are clarified in training and then set as a standard.
The special feature of these books is that - in contrast to standard works - not only the correct end position and posture is illustrated, but also with three intermediate illustrations in each case the WAY there is exactly comprehensible. So every athlete can recognize for himself: What is my other hand actually doing while I am lunging with my front arm?
Of course, neither this nor any other book replaces the real trainer, but the book does not make such a claim to itself, it is only an aid to understanding and learning this beautiful sport.

If something is unclear in training, we look in the book or on the Internet.

Frank Trieder, Karate Division Manager,
with kind permission to reprint excerpts from
Fiore Tartaglia, book author and owner of Spectra Publishing House.