April 2017

2017 Movement with full conviction and heart


It is now 20 years ago when the Shotokan Karate Dojo Dokan Lauda of the ETSV Lauda was founded and this served as an occasion to invite two very special karate experts to conduct a one-day course. And since, as is well known, one prefers to celebrate with friends, the karateka from TV Bad Mergentheim and Kodo Juku Veitshöchheim were also present. To really experience something special at this anniversary course, the choice fell on Fiore Tartaglia and Bernd Weinreich as coaches.
The two had chosen the motto "One heart, one technique" for the course, which they deepened in their very own but special way in the two training sessions.
The start of the anniversary course was the training for the children's group. The adults began with the basic school and it became very quickly clear what was meant by the motto, because Fiore and Bernd expressly emphasized that each of the techniques practiced with full. Consciousness and absolute conviction was carried out. The training flowed smoothly into the Kumite section and here, too, it was a matter of showing determination and taking the lead in the fight as early as possible as the defender.
The second training session was divided into Kata and the associated Bunkai. The Kata Kanku-Dai was chosen. Different sequences were practiced.
Besides the fact that Fiore and Bernd have a profound and comprehensive knowledge in Shotokan Karate and also know how to convey this, another special feature was noticed during the two training sessions. Although both acted quasi simultaneously as trainers, they handed over the leadership to each other with such skillful changes that they were not even perceptible as such.