May 2017


In Reichenbach, 100 athletes trained under the guidance of top-class instructors. Belt examinations were also held.

REICHENBACH - The club Karatewelt Reichenbach hosted the course "Kata meets self-defense" last Saturday in the sports hall at Cunsdorfer Straße. In it participated wo karatekas aged from five to over 6o years and all levels from all over Germany.
Two instructors were on site: Fiore Tartaglia from Dojo Taikikan from Baden-Württemberg has the 6th Dan Karate. Jamal Measara from Kehlheim is one of the highest graduated karateka in Germany with the 9th Dan Karate and instructor at a special task force.
"We had our '5th anniversary last year and had Fiore Tartaglia there. This time we wanted to offer a course again and contacted Jamal Measara on the off chance," said coach Lukas Polland of the Reichenbach club. He has already visited the two courses and training courses several times and received an acceptance of the invitation.
The participants were depending on. Performance level separated into two groups and alternately instructed by the trainers. The training plan included self-defense, movement and the perfection of techniques. Jamal Measara meanwhile practiced with the younger ones playfully self-defense and karate-specific techniques. During the joint training at the end of the course, the techniques of the two course leaders were contrasted. The aim was to look behind the scenes and to develop understanding for the different techniques. After the joint training, belt examinations were held.
The club usually trains in the gym of the Pestalozzi school. Due to the high number of participants, this time the sports hall at the Cunsdorfer Straße was rented. The karate world currently has 45 members. In June the karatekas take part in the youth games in Freital. Upper level courses and the organization of a competition are planned for October. Anyone who is interested can come to training on Fridays from 5 p.m. in the hall of the Pestalozzi School. (pstp)

Fiore Tartaglia was one of the coaches invited to the course. He explained how to perfect his techniques. PHOTO: CARSTEN STEPS