July 2017


This year's tent camp of the TSG karate department began on 21.7.2017 with the erection of the tents on the campsite in Baierbach. After the tents were up and the campfire was burning, we could move on to the cozy part. There was a barbecue, conversation, games and a night hike. Unfortunately, the weather was not quite with us and sent us rain.
The next morning after breakfast we could enjoy the camp life or do some sports. Around 12.00 o'clock we went towards Schenkenseehalle 2, where again the big "Baierbach training course" took place. With Silvano Wagner, a highly decorated Karateka, who started with Karate in the TSG, for the Kumite section and Fiore Tartaglia, recognized Kata specialist, who has already written many Kata books, top trainers were in the hall. Silvano started at the lower level with playful reaction and speed exercises. Then he began to gently introduce the first attacks and the corresponding defense, to practice them later with the partner. In the upper level, the focus was on counter techniques. It was practiced the correct evasion, with different attacks of the opponent, with simultaneous attack.
Fiore deepened the kata Hangetsu with the upper level. He placed particular emphasis on the interaction of proper breathing and the individual techniques. In addition, he showed the Bunkai to the Kata (application of karate techniques). At the lower level, he gave the beginners an introduction to the behavior of a karateka, when entering the training hall, in training and in dealing with the coach and all training partners. Before he practiced with them the correct execution of the various stances and turns, using the example of the Kata Heian Shodan.
For all it was a strenuous and sweaty, but extremely instructive afternoon. 9 karatekas took an exam after the course before they followed the others to the campground. With a great buffet and cozy get-together the camp Baierbach 2017 ended. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all those who helped with the organization, set-up and dismantling.