October 2017

Kata course at Bushido-Buhl e.V.

Meanwhile for the fourth time the Bushido Bühl e.V. organized the popular karate course with Fiore Tartaglia 6th Dan. This year Udo Bopprö 6th Dan could also be won as a teacher. It should be again a training course of the special kind, which Fiore and Udo led with the Bushido Bühl e.V.. The training gave the Karateka the opportunity to deal with "rare" Karate techniques. The Kata Chinte gave the upper level the opportunity to practice techniques like sokumen haito uke, nakadaka ippon ken, nihon nukite, etc. Exciting bunkai followed the technique training with its numerous repetitions.
The training program of the lower level was not less demanding. HeianYondan was to be introduced to the karateka. Rhythm and correct technique executions were explained and implemented by the karateka. Of course there were also many suggestions for the daily training in the home dojo. Fiore and Udo inspired the group, even the youngest followed the instructions attentively.
After the kata training sessions, the karateka could test their physical and also mental limits again in another training session "Bunkai Drills" with Udo or "Coordination" with Fiore. The course day ended with a Mondo [talk] after the last training. The karateka who came to the course returned to their home dojos from all over Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate. It was a very pleasant and profitable day.

28 KARATE Issue 02-2017