Tekki sandan concludes the series of Tekki kata. Due to the constant double techniques and partly very complex arm movements, which are executed fluidly, one needs a lot of coordination for this kata. The typical characteristic of all tekki kata - arm techniques and upper body work with constant kiba dachi - is particularly evident in the third tekki. Unlike the previous two tekki, most of the techniques here are executed forward to defend and counter attacks from that direction.

Because of the interlinked defenses, there is a tendency to practice the kata too quickly. It is especially important to take your time to properly understand the message of this kata. Tekki sandan offers the opportunity to transfer new aspects on the topics of defending multiple techniques and countering with one arm to other areas of karate. An important prerequisite for gaining effectiveness from short movements is a pronounced body tension from which strong techniques can be executed.

Duration: about 50 seconds

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