Online Coaching | One on One | with Fiore Tartaglia

Coaching with 7th Dan Fiore Tartaglia to consciously shape your own mindset, which is the key to personal success - in karate and beyond.

Ideally suited for ...

  • Karateka and non-karateka.
  • Karateka who want to learn to understand Karate-dō beyond technique, in order to live it holistically in everyday life according to the "Mondo" principle.
  • Karateka and non-karateka who want a systematic and efficient personal development and are open to the teachings of Japanese martial arts and from Zen.
  • Karatekaand non-karateka who wish to improve their well-being and quality of life in a sustainable way with the help of coaching that is tailored to their own personality, individual needs and goals.


At the beginning of the online coaching, you discuss with Fiore your personal desired topics/issues, which you want to address during the coaching. In this way Fiore can specifically address your needs and offer you the best possible benefit. At the end of the session, you decide if the coaching is enough to motivate you or if you want to build on it. In the latter case, you can agree with Fiore on the individual scope and total price for it, which is not based on the hourly rate mentioned here.

The coaching can take place as a single session or in a small group of up to 3 people. Please note that in a one-on-one session the needs of the individual can be addressed more deeply than in a group session.


The online coaching sessions usually take place on Saturday afternoons. It is possible to make an individual appointment.

After you have completed your booking, we will contact you by email to arrange an appointment. You will then receive an invitation for your online coaching session.

About Fiore Tartaglia

Fiore Tartaglia holds the 7th Dan Shōtōkan. He has been practicing and living his karate for over 48 years, in his own Dōjō Taikikan and in his everyday life. He is considered Europe's most read karate book author and has been a millennial trainer since 2014. You can find more information about him, his karate style, life path and philosophy here.

What "living karate" means?

The karate philosophy, as well as the teachings from the Japanese martial arts and Zen, can be transferred into one's own daily life and shape one's character in all aspects. So that ultimately one's own daily well-being and togetherness benefits holistically from it and the challenges in everyday life are better and more calmly mastered.